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In an region such as Cape Town, more and more people move into wooded areas and are often in need of tree felling services. Although trees can provide shade for homeowners, they can often be quite a nuisance. Homes being built need to clear limbs from encroaching into backyards. Storm damage often causes branches to drape over ledges. You may already use a tree service to prune and trim trees, yet sometimes you wonder if having someone remove a tree altogether might save you more money in the long run. If you're not using a tree service, you know is a real pain to have to do it yourself every spring or fall. Maybe you're tired of that ugly stump in your front or backyard disrupting the grandeur of your otherwise beautiful garden.
 This is the reason you might need to consult a tree felling or maintenance service. These types of professionals can: remove broken branches from trees before children or guest can be endangered by them, remove trees so you don't have to spend money to trim or prune them, can prune or trim trees for you so you don't have to anymore, either trim or prune your tree slightly or extensively, and can grind or in some cases uproot unsightly tree stumps. So many home owners might not even realize then need tree maintenance services until something bad happens - like a broken or diseased tree branch falling on your house. Not only can this damage your home, but someone might get hurt. This is why it pays to do plenty of research to find an accredited tree felling and maintenance service to ensure they can best solve whatever issue you might be trying to resolve. Even better, in a city as large as Cape Town, you're going to want a business can service any part of town. In short, you're going to want to call Pro Tree Felling, the number #1 commercial and residential tree felling service in Cape Town. 

Tree Trimming

Sometimes your issues might not be as severe as you think and all you have to do is trim a few normally healthy branches. Trimming tree correctly helps to create and maintain a strong tree structure. This is how you avoid low hanging branches in the first place. We can trim vigorous or erratic branches that can change the growth habit of other branches. We pride ourselves in our ability to trim a tree while still retaining its natural tree form. We also can even help promote a tree's growth into a more natural form via tree cabling or tree bracing/rigging to direct it's growth in ways that don't endanger itself or your home.

Also, trimming trees can do more than just restrict a tree's growth. Trimming a few branches here or there can help stimulate the growth of other branches - the kind that don't hang low or hinder the growth of other branches. The energy that troublesome or dying tree branches once drained from roots can now be dispersed to other parts of the tree, making it healthier in the long run. This also hold true for stimulating growth in sparse areas where you might actually want more shade on one side than another. We can also restrict branch growth where it might not be wanted so much.

Tree Pruning

Sometimes, you might not need to get a tree removed or felled, but you would like for it to be pruned back. Maybe there are dead or diseased branches causing insect and decay organisms to damage more of a tree. This is often caused by tree canopies that are so dense that all the sunlight is block or air flow is restricted. You might have issues with suckers and water sprouts that can weaken wood. You might have crossed branches that damage each other when they rub against each other. Narrow or weak crotches might split apart as a tree ages. You might even have co-dominant leaders - two branches growing near the top of a tree that keep shooting up and become equally dominant. If you don't prune or cut of one of these leaders, they both might split and tear during heavy winds. Pruning a tree effectively help maintain a strong tree structure, and this is the goal in mind for Pro Tree Felling professionals as they prune a tree you want serviced. This is how you prevent safety hazard from low hanging branches falling on you or your loved ones or any kind of storm damage to you home caused by low hanging branches. We cut off co-dominant leaders, can prune enough to prevent crotches from splitting, can thin out any tree canopy to let in more sun and air, and we remove any diseased or decaying branches that might fall unexpectedly.